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The King

Storyblocks: The King is an engaging puzzle and narrative game that offers a short and relaxing experience. In a charming medieval setting, players have the opportunity to carve their own path, choosing the next story block at each stage.

With a library of journeys filled with intriguing variations of the main storyline, players are invited to unravel all possible outcomes. With challenging puzzles and an immersive narrative, the game transports players into a series of small adventures where their choices shape the course of events. Uncover secrets, discover fascinating characters, and immerse yourself in a visually stunning medieval world.

  • Use all blocks to build a path and solve the puzzle
  • Build a path in your creative way: There are no pre-defined positions for the paths, you can choose the best way to build it
  • Complete a level to reveal a new piece of the story
  • Complete all levels to finish one book
  • There are 18 books with variations of the story
  • There are 4 Endings
  • Originally composed soundtracks
  • Do you like to read good stories? Well, here you won’t find cinematics, but for sure inspiring written stories

Genre: Casual, Puzzle, Choose Your Own Adventure

Release: Soon

Language: English

Publisher: Afil Games

Developer: Antonio Felipe

Press Kit: Download here


*Please note that these keys are exclusively provided to members of the press and influencers.

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