ZIGGY Ziggy is a challenging Precision Platformer game about a little lightning bolt trying to go bach home, where your main objective is to slide past all traps, dash through arrows and get to the end. Can you do it? 30 levels 5 Biomes A lot of different traps Run, wall slide, double jump, dash. […]


CAT PIPES Meow!! Challenge your mind and help the cats in this minimalist and relaxing puzzle game! Rotate the pieces and create the perfect path to the cats. No rush! The main goal is to ensure the cats find their way safely. Have fun solving the puzzles and relaxing in this enchanting world. Challenge your […]


WILD SEAS Defend the jewel of evil pirates! Wild Seas is a tower defense game with rogue-like elements, where your positioning can ensure victor. Wild Seas is a tower defense game where your goal is to protect a gem, build turrets, build your defense, defeat dozens of enemies and more!! 4 Worlds with moderate difficulty; […]